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    Don't wait... OrdEat
    Choose the restaurant, order directly from your smartphone
    and you get to the table what you ordered ...
    No more waiting times with OrdEat!

Hai un ristorante?

Unisciti subito a OrdEat per aumentare la tua visibilità online e attirare nuovi clienti

Enter the world OrdEat!

How does it work OrdEat ?

With OrdEat now you can choose the restaurant with your favorite food, book and order no more waiting time waiter. Sit down and order!

Frame your QR Code

On the table there is placed a QR code. Read it with your smartphone to access the menu

Choose what to eat

Order directly from your smartphone: Browse the categories and decide what to eat and drink

Confirm Order

When you have decided, you just have to confirm the order. Your list will be sent directly to the kitchen

You are served

As soon as everything is ready, you'll get to the table what you ordered and ... Bon appetit!

With OrdEat the order you do it!

You don't speak english?

The menu will always appear in your language. Discover the tastes of the world always feeling yourself at home

Complete order management

You can add courses at any time, view the waiting time and change at will the ingredients and service schedules; so managing your order in real time!

Pay with a click without code at checkout

You can pay your bill directly from your smartphone, no more problems with cards or cash. You can also place your order before you arrive at the restaurant

Let's look a bit closer

Management and research of local

  • Search geographic location always around you
  • Search for different types of cuisines
  • Search for different types of restaurants
  • Search by single dish
  • You're undecided? Discover what around you

Reliability of reviews

  • You can only review what you've consumed
  • Also review the individual plate
  • Each local will be enhanced by their specialty
  • From now never wrong advice!
  • From the simple like to the specialized critics for a 360-degree view

Follow the taste

  • Follow the most famous food critics and their advice
  • Share your dining experiences with your followers
  • It helps the comunity through your reviews
  • Follow the experiences and the places of your friends
  • Will you be the next OrdEat star?

OrdEat Care

  • Deep customization profile
  • No more surprises on your plate!
  • Menu automatically filtered according to your needs and preferences
  • Keep an eye on the calories
  • Allergies? You have difficult tastes? Thinks OrdEat!

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